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Sponsored Content: Reaching Financial Goals
Trusted professionals at the SHM Financial Group present the keys to achieving your retirement objectives.

by South Jersey Magazine - Editorial Staff

Now in its 60th year of business, the SHM Financial Group is proud to provide its clients with sound financial advice and unique insight from its dedicated team of professionals. Its services run the gamut from retirement planning to tax minimization, wealth protection and more.

Needless to say, Stan Molotsky, the president and CEO of SHM, has seen it all since founding the company in 1958. He has formed invaluable relationships with his clients—both families and businesses— and is committed to ensuring their financial security with innovative strategies and solutions.

Lee Molotsky, Stan’s son, serves as managing partner of the firm, and together they have shared their knowledge through various radio and television programs over the years, along with their recent book, Exit Strategies for a Secure Pre and Post Retirement.

The book’s premise is based on the acronym LIVE and how to make sure no matter the circumstances and your asset picture, that you are positioned to take care of how to live the way you need to obtain your goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

Stan Molotsky recently shared with us what you should do to prepare to LIVE:

“Obviously, the longer we live, the more it will cost us,” Molotsky says. “Benefits like social security and traditional pension plans are designed to pay out for your life- time, but how long does your savings need to last? According to the social secu- rity administration, the average man in 1950 lived to be 65 and the average woman lived to be 71. Today, men are living an average of 19 years longer and women an average of 15 years longer, which means if you retire at age 65 today, you need to plan for at least 20 more years of income, if not more.”

“According to the government’s 2.5 to 3 per- cent quoted inflation rate during the last 10 years, if a person retired 10 years ago with $100,000 worth of income needs, they would need approximately $130,000 today in order to have the same buying power. Keeping your money in low- earning instruments at 1 or 2 percent may not be enough to help you accomplish your goals.”

According to Molotsky, “Keeping the majority of your money in the stock market in hopes of earning high returns exposes you to the double impact of income withdrawals combined with market downturn. To avoid outliving your money due to market loss, be aware of the danger zone and make sure you have a proper exit strategy in place for all your market investments.”

“Family issues, health concerns and acts of God can all conspire against the stability of your finances,” he warns. “You may not have control over these events, but you do have control over the allocation of your assets and the investment tools designed to protect and generate income from them. Retiring with security today begins with a sound financial foundation that takes advantage of the multitude of financial tools that are designed to protect you.”

For a complimentary copy of Exit Strategies for a Secure Pre and Post Retirement, please call 1 (800) MONEY-SHM.

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