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Honoring and Empowering the Divine Feminine with Thermography
Honoring and Empowering the Divine Feminine with Thermography

by South Jersey Magazine - Editorial Staff

Are mammograms safe and effective?

It has been reported by the Nordic Cochran Group that mammograms mayharm 10 times more women than they help. They stated that if 2,000 women had a mammogram annually for 10 years the number of lives that would be saved would be one! 

There are many articles from prestigious medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine and The British Medical Journal pointing out the dangers and consequences of mammography. It seems counter-intuitive to com- press a female’s tender breast tissue between two metal plates with approximately 40 pounds of weight and then to radiate the now traumatized breast tissue knowing that radiation causes cancer. Due to misdiagnosis and over diagnosis by mammography perfectly healthy women are subjected to deadly cancer treatments including radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. These treatments leave women sick, maimed and scarred not only on a physical level but on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well.

We at Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI) believe in honoring the divine feminine with the gentle but effective approach of thermography for breast health screening. Thermography utilizes state of the art, FDA-cleared technology to provide an image of the bodies’ physiologic responses. This is a totally safe, non-radiologic, non-invasive, painless test with no compression, radiation or injections and absolutely no known adverse effects. This study is safe for women of all ages including those with breast implants, those that are pregnant and breast feeding and those who have had surgery. It allows women to maintain their dignity while being proactive in their health and wellnessconcerns.

Thermography detects the physiologic changes in the breast tissue that have been shown to correlate with cancerous or pre-cancerous states. Since thermal imaging detects changes at the cellular level, studies suggest that this test can detect abnormal activity eight to 10 years before any other test. This allows for modifications in diet and lifestyle such as eliminating underwire bras, avoiding conventional antiperspirants, eating organic whole foods, discontinuing sugar and reducing stress to name a few. It has been our experience that we are able to see the positive benefits of making these adjust- ments by doing serial thermograms thereby allowing us to monitor a women’s breast health. The earliest possible indication of abnormalities allows for the earliest possible intervention.

The Hippocratic oath says, “I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required, avoiding twin traps of over treatment and therapeutic nihilism.” The American Cancer Society among many others have noted the great increase in false positive mammograms leading to 800,000 unnecessary biopsies a year in this country alone. Utilizing thermography to mea- sure breast physiology we are able to look at areas “hot spots” in potential areas of concern, the absence of which reduces suspicion and need for invasive intervention. In many cases the area of concern resolves on its own.

Recent research has shown that dental infections are responsible for a variety of ailments such as heart disease, stroke, thyroid dysfunction and breast cancer. The combination of infrared imaging and conventional dental X-rays can facilitate earlier detection of infections than those that can be detected by X-rays alone. Individuals with thyroid symptomatology frequently lack corroborative blood testing. Anatomic testing such as ultrasound is valuable for the detection of nodules but offers little information as to the function of the gland. Thermal imaging offers a different perspective in the evaluation of thyroid dysfunction. We have been very successful in identifying dental infections which has enabled individuals to obtain intervention and vastly improve their overall health.

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI) was established in 1982 to provide superior quality infrared imaging of the breast, neuromuscular system, thyroid, dental, TMJ and sinus regions to assist in the early assessment of problems associated with these areas. Dr. Philip Getson championed the cause of thermography during a 10-year court battle which ultimately was heard by the New Jersey State Supreme Court. In a unanimous verdict the Supreme Court ruled that thermography was a “reasonable and necessary medical expense” under the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Law.

All thermographic images are interpreted by Dr. Getson, a family physician in practice since 1976 and board-certified thermologist since 1982.

All images are taken by Liesha Getson, a board-certified thermographic technician since 2004 and a holistic health counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a reiki master.

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